What is today’s reality?

From the always excellent Mark Levin, on National Review Online: What I fear is that the Democrats will succeed in forcing us from Iraq. The inevitable result will be a blood bath, the expansion of Iran’s power (an Iran which will soon possess nuclear weapons), the expansion of war in that area to include so-called moderate Arab countries and Israel,…

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The Anti-Profiling Agenda

An excerpt from Robert Spencer's The Anti-Profiling Agenda, via FrontPage:Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) has been named to the House Judiciary Committee. Ellison said in a statement: “I look forward to pursuing a progressive agenda in the committee, including the restoration of American citizen’s civil liberties that have come under increasing attack over the past six years.”The American citizens Ellison, the…

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Turkish statement on Tehran Holocaust meeting

Received by email with no link:-----STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEYWe maintain the same views expressed in our statement dated December 9, 2005 also in the context of the conference held in Teheran on December 11-12e ntitled "Jewish Holocaust: Global Perspectives." We expressed in that statement that the Holocaust suffered by the Jews in…

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