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Polish Nun, who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, dies at 110

Righteous Gentiles.  Via AP: Officials in Poland say that a 110-year-old woman believed to be the world’s oldest nun and a rescuer of Jews during the Holocaust, has died. Father Pawel Rytel-Andrianik, spokesman for Poland’s Roman Catholic Church, on Thursday confirmed the death of Sister Cecylia Roszak last week at a Dominican convent in Krakow.… Keep Reading

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Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Ha-Shoah)

It has been over 60 years since the Holocaust and on Yom Hashoah we remember the 6 million Jews who were systematically murdered simply for being Jewish. This year, the Yom Hashoah will be on May 1, 2008. Excerpted from JewishVirtualLibrary: The full name of the day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust is “Yom… Keep Reading

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German Children Tired of Holocaust

According to Jerusalem Post, the head of the German delegation to an international organization of Holocaust education and remembrance said that German youth are experiencing “Holocaust fatigue”. No doubt. Here is a picture of six-year old Anna and three-year Jon Klein, the children of Aladar Klein who never got the chance to know what “Holocaust… Keep Reading

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Holocaust Museum to Honor Helena Bonham Carter’s Grandfather for Saving Jews

Interesting side note. The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem will honor the grandfather of actress Helena Bonham Carter this week for his efforts that helped save thousands of Jews from Nazi persecution during World War II, The Observer reported on Sunday. Eduardo Propper de Callejon, Bonham Carter’s maternal grandfather, will be named by Yad… Keep Reading

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