Muslims now seek prayer rooms at airports

Folks, the US Constitution prohibits special rights for special people. Civil rights is one thing but special rights? Uh-uh, sorry, but special rights is outright discriminatory. Well, it really doesn’t matter what you think because Muslims are being assigned a special-right special-class status in this country and I resent it. Special rights is not just rhetoric. Special rights is a political term which refers to laws granting rights to one group which are not extended to other groups.

Here’s what happened. Airport officials say they will consider setting aside a private area for prayer and meditation at the request of some Somali imams concerned about the removal of six Muslim clerics from a US Airways flight last week. You know, those six Muslim “clerics who were intentionally provocative by praying aloud denigrating the United States, asking to rearrange their seats so that two would sit in first class, two would sit on the aisle and two would sit in the back like the 9-11 hijackers were seated, who asked for seat-belt extenders and then placed them beneath their seats, and then because of their pronounced suspicious behavior, were asked to deplane.

By the way, why is every Muslim referred to in the mainstream media an imam or a cleric? Every Jew is not a rabbi. Every Christian is not a priest. Why is every city, town and tribal village in the “great Arabian nation” always referred to as “the Muslim Holy city of …”? Who writes this crap? How in hell did Muslims achieve such esteem in the press? Why is the mainstream media so infatuated with Islam? Why is the left so gaga over Islam? What contributions to mankind have Muslims made that are beneficial? I’m sorry, speak louder, I didn’t hear your answer.

Regardless, getting back to the airport Muslim prayer room request, Steve Wareham, the director of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, said other airports do have “meditation rooms” used for prayers or by passengers who simply need quiet time. In fact, airports in Nashville, Columbus, and Fort Lauderdale, all advertise generic meditation rooms. Fort Lauderdale’s is billed as “For travelers seeking a quiet time.” However, all meditation rooms are nonsectarian and they are noted as such.

But now Muslims are requesting a meditation room just for them and don’t forget, Muslim cabdrivers don’t want to pick up passengers carrying alcohol.

This is what it is folks, Muslims are determined to conquer us by hook or by crook and every one of you who remains silent about this is culpable.

For more information on the six “imams” and the latest news about them, click here.

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