When it comes to Holocaust denial and other untruths, remember this

Holocaust denial is being treated as a legitimate alternative viewpoint when in fact it is a falsification of history. When you’re speaking about indisputable historical facts, there is no alternative. Holocaust denial is nothing more than hatred disguised as an interpretation of history. See, without such hatred, Arabs, Muslims, [and yes, Christians] wouldn’t be able to incite and commit acts of violence against Jews. Their goal is to delegitimize Jews, Judaism, and of course, Israel. One must re-define Jews as “cancers”, “virus”, “Christ-killers”, “hook-nosed kikes”, “rats”, “demons”, “baby-killers”, etc. in order to hate them so that it is easier to kill them. Goebbels knew this well and so did the Germans and the rest of Europe who inhaled Hitler’s euphoria when he spoke about Jews and Germany’s pressing need to rid itself of them. See, the Arab world’s grievance against Israel has little to do with territory and political authority. It has to do instead with the very existence of Jews living in the Middle East. For others, it has to do with the very existence that Jews exist at all. Why then, did Arabs murder 67 Jews while they were praying in a synagogue in their Jewish Holy City of Hebron in 1929? The Holocaust denial conference held this week – and don’t be mistaken – there have been several dozen held over the years – is just another sick-minded expression by Islamists, but it’s not unusual. Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic feasts are typical fare in the Islamic diet.Irwin Cotler writes “Let there be no doubt about it, those who would seek to deny the Jewish people their past are the same people who, if given the chance, would deny the Jewish people their future.”Folks, I ask of you – and what you must ask of your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances – is to learn the background and history of the Middle East and the essence of the political movement of Islam. When you hear that “international law” is always violated by Israel, but terrorist attacks and suicide bombings merit no mention, bring that hypocrisy up. When someone mentions that Iran is a democracy, remind them that it is not a democracy but an Islamic theocracy and that women are stoned in Iran. Bring that up. If you hear that Jews and Christians are not persecuted in the Middle East then remind them that Jews and Christians are forced to pay the jiziya tax as part of their subjugation.With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons, he can accomplish in one afternoon what it took Hitler six years to do: kill 6 million people. Moreso, everyone knows where Iran’s nuclear weapons will be pointed, and everyone knows that if the button is ever pushed, it will be the end of Israel. And the end of Western civilization.If you are exposed to ideas and comments that are patently untrue, such as the idea that the attacks on the 9/11 were justified or that they were America’s fault, or that Jews did it, then fight back. Only then can you verbally defend against terror and murder carried out in the name of Islam and help ensure the survival of Western civilization. If you remain silent, then it would seem you prefer it that way. If I could, I would save your life. Would you try to save mine?

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