The Global Empire of Palestine

Via Tablet Magazine:

Why should Palestinians bother with arduous negotiations leading to compromise over land when they already have something far greater? Empire. Since Oct. 7, pro-Palestinian protesters – Arab and Muslim immigrants joined by locals – have filled the streets of European and North American cities in Berlin, Washington, Stockholm, Paris, Toronto, Oslo, Chicago, London, Rome, and Los Angeles.

Oct. 7 represents the high-water mark of their long campaign against the Jews and Americans. Supporters cheer their champions, the team that kidnapped, raped, executed, and beheaded children. The protesters’ goal is hardly a two-state solution. The ceasefire they’re calling for is a tactic to strangle Israel’s war effort.

If the Israeli government can’t establish a buffer zone between Gaza and the southern areas attacked on Oct. 7, as well as the northern towns within Hizbullah’s range, the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who have relocated to the center of the country cannot return home. The country will be shaved at the edges until all of it becomes uninhabitable.

The crushing military defeat suffered by the Palestinians will hardly matter, as long as the world’s one superpower – alongside Europe and the Gulf Arab states – stand ready to rebuild Gaza. By continually revitalizing the Palestinians, the stewards of global affairs have engendered something that by definition cannot survive in nature on its own: a society that celebrates death as its highest value. The source of their steadfastness – their ability to replenish their arsenal and refurnish their tunnels and other military infrastructure – is, in fact, a luxury repeatedly afforded them by the U.S. and its European partners.

Terrorists, criminals, psychopaths, and fantasists from every part of the globe have grafted themselves on to the Palestinian cause because the most basic laws of nature have been revised to accommodate it. The Palestinian cause gives hope to each of these groups – hope that their own nihilistic and murderous ambitions could win world favor as well. And they have.