IDF Spokesperson: List of 180 Dead Hezbollah Terrorists Released

List of 180 dead Hezbollah terrorists released of an estimated 530 killed since start of fighting

Over the last two days the IDF dropped leaflets over Lebanon containing lists of Hezbollah terrorists killed in fighting with IDF forces. The lists contain the names of 180 terrorists killed and whose identities were verified by IDF forces. (The IDF holds the names of additional Hezbollah terrorists whose deaths also have been confirmed.)

According to IDF estimates, over 530 Hezbollah terrorists have been killed since the start of the fighting.

The IDF has also broadcast the lists of these names to the Lebanese public, intermittently breaking into Hezbollah broadcasts on “Al Manar” television and “Nur” radio station.

The leaflet with the list of the 180 names of the Hezbollah dead terrorists
(in Arabic) read:

“Nasrallah is lying to you, hiding the heavy losses in Hezbollah’s ranks. Below is a partial list of names, denied by Nasrallah, of those killed by IDF forces:”

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