Muslims celebrate

So the Muslims are celebrating. That’s very typical of Arab/Muslim hubris. Arab/Muslims have contributed nothing to civilization in more than 500 years so of course they celebrate our near-deaths; jumping up and down and handing out candies requires little effort for underachievers.

Keep in mind, that it was Lebanon that was one of the seven Arab countries that attacked Israel on the day she became a sovereign nation in 1948.

It was Lebanon that hid the Japanese Red Army guerillas from being discovered after having attacked and killed 26 people at Lod Airport in 1972, and who hid the murderous PFLP in the Bekaa Valley for 22 years.

It was Lebanon’s government that did not stop the Lebanese Christian Phalange massacre of “palestinians” in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982, which Muslim/Arabs pinned on the Israeli people.

Lebanon, like Syria, Iran and yes, England, has Jewish blood on its hands.

I would have felt much better had any Muslim any guts to mention that they recognize the goals of Hizbullah as part of an axis of terror which also includes Syria, Iran and Hamas, to set the region in flames and dictate the Israeli-palestinian agenda.

Apparently, the Muslims celebrating are too busy launching attacks and berating Israel and Jews for defending themselves against Arab/Muslim butchers to take much notice.

The fact that Israel was attacked after leaving every inch of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip proves that the reason why Hezbollah initiated this war was not because of any territorial dispute but just because Israel exists.

Currently there are 30 conflicts around the world and 25 of them involve Muslims.

You want to talk words? Let’s talk about the Koran. Let’s talk about how Jews are referred to as “sons of monkeys and pigs”.

I say to those Muslims who are celebrating; don’t for one minute think that you are better than Jews nor think for one minute that you are authorized to determine for the Jewish people where we live, where our borders are and what we are allowed to say and how we are allowed to defend ourselves.

There is no law on earth that requires the Jewish people to accept their own demise merely because Arab Muslims like you say we should.

You all better be careful what you celebrate. There will always be another Arab/Muslim ready to rape you and sell your mother in a moment’s notice. I wouldn’t turn my back on Nasrallah or Ahamedinejad, if I were you, and I thank G-d I am not.

You better all learn how to sleep with one eye open, fools. Syria and Iran are not done with you yet, you stupid puppets.

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