Summary of IDF operations in southern Lebanon in the past 24 hours before the ceasefire


In the 24 hours before the ceasefire went into effect, 7 IDF soldiers were killed, an officer and three others were severely injured, and over 30 other soldiers were lightly and moderately injured:

2 IDF soldiers were killed, another was moderately injured and nine soldiers were lightly injured when an anti-tank missile hit an infantry unit in the village of Kantara.

1 IDF officer was killed in the village of Tel-Nahess by a mortar shell that hit his tank.

4 IDF soldiers were killed, and 20 others were injured (three of them severely) in Abu Tawil, when an anti-tank missile hit an infantry force in the village.

An officer was severely injured and four soldiers were lightly injured when a rocket hit an IDF post in a community in the western Galilee.

Air Force activity

The IAF carried out over 200 aerial attacks on Hezbollah targets, including:
– 11 rocket launchers, including 7 long-range rocket launchers
– 7 Hezbollah vehicles in southern Beirut
– an access route serving Hezbollah on the Litani river

Over 120 structures serving Hezbollah (including 4 in the Dahiya area, 3 south of Baalbek, 2 structures and a communication center in the area of Nabatiya and other structures in the areas of Nabatiya and Marjayoun) 8 gas stations serving Hezbollah, including 4 south-west of Tyre.

11 Hezbollah terrorists (9 in the area of Nabatiya, and 2 members of rocket-launching cells)

A bridge over the Zaharani river used to transfer weapons.

4 tunnels used by Hezbollah.

Ground Forces Activity

IDF forces continued the expanded activity across Lebanon:

IDF forces identified a truck laden with explosives making its way to the Israeli border in the area of Metulah. Forces attacked and destroyed the truck, which was apparently on its way to carry out a bombing attack.

In Aita A-Shab, IDF forces uncovered a Hezbollah bunker containing weaponry and communications infrastructure.

In the western region of southern Lebanon, IDF forces killed five Hezbollah gunmen, and uncovered a large weapons storage facility.

Yesterday morning, reserve forces operating in the village of Aita A-Shab destroyed 20 structures used by Hezbollah to hide of weapons, including Sager missiles and anti-tank missiles.

In A-Taibeh, IDF forces uncovered and destroyed missiles and launchers.

In the area of A-Tiri, IDF forces identified two armed gunmen. The IAF attacked the house in which the two were hiding.

In the village of Rab A-Tiltin, IDF forces uncovered a large number of weapons, including RPG launchers, anti-tank missiles, explosive devices and light weapons.

In Randuriya, IDF forces uncovered weapons including RPG missiles, mortar shells, anti-tank missiles and light weapons. In addition forces uncovered propaganda material- video and computer equipment.

In Aitaroun, IDF forces destroyed two rocket launchers yesterday morning.

Later, the forces identified a mortar shell launching cell operating from within a house in the village, and the IAF attacked the house. Forces then identified two gunmen, which the Air Force also attacked.

An IDF force in the village of Mis Al Jbeil identified two armed gunmen, fired at them and identified hitting them.

IDF forces killed two armed gunmen in exchanges of fire in the village of Kharis.

More than 530 Hezbollah terrorists have been killed since July 12th.

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