CIA Confirms in Video: Israel Bombed Nuclear Reactor in Syria

Once again Israel does the job America won’t do. The entire civilized world can once again thank Israel for preventing another Muslim dictatorship theocracy from using nuclear weapons against infidels.

Later today U.S. intelligence officials will show members of Congress a videotape and other evidence supporting their case that Syria was building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance before it was bombed by Israeli planes in September 2007, a U.S. official said Wednesday.

Intelligence officials who have seen the evidence consider it “extremely compelling,” the anonymous U.S. official said. He said it was gleaned from a variety of sources, not just Israeli intelligence.

U.S. officials said Israel shared intelligence with the United States before the bombing after administration officials expressed doubts that the site was a nuclear reactor built with North Korea’s assistance.

The Syrian reactor was similar in design to a North Korean reactor that has in the past produced small amounts of plutonium, the official said. It was not yet complete but was far enough along to demonstrate a resemblance to the North Korean reactor at Yonbyon.

Shortly after the Israel attack, Syria bulldozed the area and constructed a new building there, which it has not allowed foreign visitors to enter.

Syria did not declare the apparent reactor to the International Atomic Energy Agency nor was it under international safeguards, possibly putting Syria in breech of an international nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

The irony in this is that there is a Congressional subcommittee session to deal with Syrian-North Korean relations, amidst reports that a possible deal is in the works to remove North Korea from the American list of of state sponsors of terrorism. The video being released later today should blow that idea out of the water, that is, if there are any Americans left in Congress that have any guts.

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