Indian Export Firm Caught Trying to Send Nuclear Material to Iran

Hey, Corporate America, still want to outsource from a country that is assisting Iran in acquiring nuclear material? From Indian Export Firm Caught Trying to Send Nuclear Material to Iran:

An alert customs officer in Mumbai became suspicious of an export consignment by Nickunj Eximp Enterprises of 1,150 kg. of graphite to Ward Commercial Company in Tehran. Bhabha Atomic Research Center experts, who were asked to take samples, confirmed that it was nuclear-grade graphite. One more consignment of graphite of Nickunj Eximp headed for Dubai was stopped. The graphite was imported by local dealers at Rs 50 per kg. from China and was being exported to Iran at Rs 2,000 a kg. See also Nuclear Iran, which states that the seizure of 1,150 kg. of nuclear-grade graphite in Mumbai on the eve of its export by air to Iran has demonstrated beyond all doubt where India stands in respect of Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapon capability. Iran cannot sustain its uranium enrichment program without continuing support from European industry. The most effective way of halting Iranian nuclear weapon proliferation is tightening up the controls over European nuclear industries, while enlisting the cooperation of Russia and China in this effort.

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