Shavuot – and Farhud

Folks, Sunday evening, June 12th, 2005, begins the two day holiday of Shavuot (or Shavuos in the Ashkenazic pronunciation). It is the anniversary and celebration of the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai to the Jewish people 3,317 years ago. It is a time of rededication and commitment to learning Torah. For lots more about Shavuot, go here.

What is Farhud? What happened on Shavuot in 1941?

The entire Jewish world has heard of Kristallnacht, yet few have heard of the Farhud, where Arabs trained by the Nazis in Baghdad, killed, maimed and committed numerous atrocities against the Jewish population on the two days on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot in 1941.

The Farhud was the beginning of the end of 2,600 years of Jewish life in Iraq. This event commenced with a rampage of mass murder, mutilation, rape, burning and looting. The carnage would be forever seared upon the collective Iraqi Jewish consciousness.

Folks, in their propaganda, Muslims talk about just “ending the occupation”, misleading everybody to believe that they mean the 1967 war/ occupation and gaining the world’s support for their struggle, while they are telling their people and the suicide killers and their families that the fight is against the 1948 “occupation”, and get encouragement for their inhuman deeds from the world’s blind support of their so called “justified” struggle.

The Farhud happened in 1941. Do the math, folks. Israel wasn’t reborn until 1948.

Folks, don’t be fools. The palestinians have laid a trap and the uneducated who know nothing about the history of Israel and her Arab enemies, have fallen victim.

In order to save yourselves from this deadly trap, denounce the true intentions of the Palestinians and convince all peace supporters to stop their blind encouragement for the Palestinian “occupation” claim, because it’s all a shill. For more information on Farhud, click here.

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