Israel Supreme Court Rejects Palestinian Claims to Jewish National Fund Land in Gush Etzion


A legal battle lasting 22 years involving land purchased 74 years ago by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) ended this week when Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that JNF is indeed the rightful owner of the 522 dunam tract in Gush Etzion, Israel Hayom reported Wednesday. A three-judge panel rejected an appeal filed by Palestinians against the decision of the Jerusalem District Court, which likewise ruled that the JNF was the owner of the land. Kibbutz Ein Tzurim was established on the land, which was purchased in 1944, but the kibbutz was destroyed in 1948 and the Jordanians took control of

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Few Jordanians Will Mention “Israel”


Any Israeli trying to enter Jordan will be turned away at the border if he is wearing or carrying any Jewish religious paraphernalia. Jordanian authorities explain, that this behavior stems from – get this – “security concerns”. Jews, after all, are prized targets for terrorists. By this reasoning, stopping people with overtly Jewish appearances, or who have Jewish ritual articles in their luggage, is a friendly gesture. Another fact that demonstrates Jordan’s inherent hatred of Jews is that during Jordan’s occupation of the West Bank, the Jordanian kingdom undertook an unsuccessful attempt to make Jerusalem a Muslim city by forcing

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Perfection Demanded Only from Little Israel


From Perfection Demanded Only from Little Israel: As much as the dislocations arising from Israel’s re-establishment obsess certain people today, they are tiny compared to dislocations that are hardly noticed anymore. For example, just a year before Israel’s re-establishment, British-ruled India was partitioned into Hindu and Muslim sectors – India and Pakistan. This uprooted 15 million people and cost about a half million lives, but today no one outside India and Pakistan seems to care. Europe has partitioned itself too many times to count. From Finland down to Yugoslavia – whoops, Serbia now – it is impossible to walk more

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Palestinian Youth Story


Arabs killed Jews in 1948 just like they kill Jews in 2008. It’s nothing new. Palestinian Youth’s Story written in the Sunday May 16, 1948 edition of the Palestine Post is about a Jew murdered by an Arab. In context, the Palestinian youth refers to a Jew. Once you read this article, will you find it in your heart to cry for a murdered Jewish child? (May 13) — A boy came whisting through the gate. Tall, with clear wide-open eyes; a friendly smile beneath his stiff cataract of light-brown hair. That is how I saw him the last time.

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A nation that has freed itself


May 16, 1948: There are days in the human record on which the night never falls. They shine forever; and in its rays the human race is able to pick its ways forward. The constancy of the Jewish people has brought the fecund day into being, until the bridge of their suffering between which spans two thousand years has become a luminous rainbow. The hurt that remains is of another order. It is of the common lot of free men, and must continue until each people’s pride in its own right gives way to pride in the right of all.

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U.S. recognizes Jewish State


Sunday May 16, 1948 WASHINGTON (May 16) — Ten minutes after the termination of the British Mandate on Friday, the White House released a formal statement by President Truman that the U.S. Government intended to recognize the Provisional Jewish Government as the de facto authority representing the Jewish State. The U.S. is also considering lifting the arms embargo but it is not known whether to Palestine only or to the entire Middle East, and the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Jewish Provisional Government. The White House press secretary, Mr. Charles Ross, told correspondents today that reaction so far to

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The Palestine Post, Sunday May 16, 1948


The Palestinian Arabs and the Palestinian Jews were both residents of the Mandate of Palestine, from which the term “Palestinian” comes from. Palestinian Arabs have no absolute, natural right to self-determination of their own country without the reciprocal absolute natural right of the Palestinian Jew. The Palestinian Jew has the right to veto such “rights” of the Palestinian Arabs since Palestinian Jews had a prior right to create a national existence in the lands of the Mandate of Palestine, because the Palestinian Jews were there first. Palestinian Jews were there first, in spite of the Muslim waqf having tried to

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