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What happened in 1948?

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Few Jordanians Will Mention “Israel”

Any Israeli trying to enter Jordan will be turned away at the border if he is wearing or carrying any Jewish religious paraphernalia. Jordanian authorities explain, that this behavior stems from – get this – “security concerns”. Jews, after all, are prized targets for terrorists. By this reasoning, stopping people with overtly Jewish appearances, or… Keep Reading

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Perfection Demanded Only from Little Israel

From Perfection Demanded Only from Little Israel: As much as the dislocations arising from Israel’s re-establishment obsess certain people today, they are tiny compared to dislocations that are hardly noticed anymore. For example, just a year before Israel’s re-establishment, British-ruled India was partitioned into Hindu and Muslim sectors – India and Pakistan. This uprooted 15… Keep Reading

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Palestinian Youth Story

Arabs killed Jews in 1948 just like they kill Jews in 2008. It’s nothing new. Palestinian Youth’s Story written in the Sunday May 16, 1948 edition of the Palestine Post is about a Jew murdered by an Arab. In context, the Palestinian youth refers to a Jew. Once you read this article, will you find… Keep Reading

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A nation that has freed itself

May 16, 1948: There are days in the human record on which the night never falls. They shine forever; and in its rays the human race is able to pick its ways forward. The constancy of the Jewish people has brought the fecund day into being, until the bridge of their suffering between which spans… Keep Reading

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