Al Qaeda Discusses Losing Iraq

Al Qaeda web sites are making a lot of noise about why they lost in Iraq. Western intelligence agencies are fascinated by the statistics being posted in several of these Arab language sites. Not the kind of stuff you read about in the Western media. According to al Qaeda, their collapse in Iraq was steep and catastrophic. Today, al Qaeda…

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Former Indonesian President Describes Lynching of Jews in Iraq

From Former Indonesian President Describes Lynching of Jews in Iraq via DailyAlert: Abdurrahman Wahid, 67, the former Indonesian president and a leading Muslim scholar, revealed the root of his understanding of the risks and perils of Jewish existence. Wahid was a student at Baghdad University in 1966, earning his keep as a secretary at a textile importer, when he befriended…

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What Happened to Saddam’s WMDs?

We are convinced that mobile weapons were transferred from Iraq to Syria. Why is the rest of the world resisting the facts evident in satellite footage of that weapons transfer? From What Happened to Saddam's WMD?, via Daily Alert: Former federal prosecutor and the head of the non-governmental International Intelligence Summit, John Loftus, has released a report on Iraq's weapons…

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