Israel, Front Line of the Global Jihad

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, scholar and truth-teller, writes in Front Page:

Israel stands virtually alone in the world not only because of lingering anti-Semitism, but because Palestinian Arabs and their allies have succeeded in convincing opinion-makers that their land was taken illegitimately by Israel, and that they are oppressed there.

The facts are otherwise: The state was established legitimately and with the approval of the United Nations, and even the “occupied territories” were obtained according to what have been universally recognized throughout history as the rules of war.

Or should the United States give up the “occupied territories” of California, Texas, and other Western states? Should Russia withdraw from its “occupied territories” in Konigsberg, eastern Finland, and eastern Poland? Should Muslims across North Africa, the Middle East, Iran, India and Southeast Asia withdraw from those “occupied territories” back to Arabia?

I can’t help but notice that there was no call to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza between 1948 and 1967, when those territories were under Jordanian and Egyptian control respectively.

That’s exactly what I have been saying, Robert, but no one wants to hear the truth about the Big Lie perpetrated by “palestinians” and Arabs who are united by a single political identifier which is, to deny the legitimacy and the existence of Israel.

Folks, unlike the political Arabian Nation, the Zionist movement to Palestine/the Land of Israel represents a return, not an invasion. To admit to this, one has to admit that muslims have been given license by liberals, leftists, and Jew-haters to act as savages, and to admit that muslims have not evolved in 1,400 years requires courage and fearlessness – two characteristics that liberals, leftists and Jew-haters just don’t ever seem to have.

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