Historical Documents Show Nazis Shipped Arms to Arabs

The largest Muslim Nazi SS unit in the ’30s was the 13th division known as “Hanjar.” Ynetnews is reporting that historical documents in Britain’s National Archives in London show that Nazi S.S. agents in Mandatory Palestine attempted to ship arms to Arab forces loyal to Hitler.

A British Foreign Office report from 1939 reports of “news of a consignment of arms from Germany, sent via Turkey and addressed to Ibn Saud (king of Saudi Arabia), but really intended for the Palestine insurgents.” Britain’s chief military officer in Mandatory Palestine also noted reports “regarding import of German arms at intervals for some years now.”

British documents from the same period, and German records photographed by an American spy and sent to the British government, said that a number of Nazi agents were sent to Mandatory Palestine, in order to forge alliances with Mandatory Palestinian leaders, and urge them to reject a partition of the land between the Jewish and Arab populations. “The Palestinian Arabs show on all levels a great sympathy for the new Germany and its Fuhrer, a sympathy whose value is particularly high as it is based on a purely ideological foundation,” a Nazi official in Palestine wrote in a letter to Berlin in 1937. He added:

“Most important for the sympathies which Arabs now feel towards Germany is their admiration for our Fuhrer, especially during the unrests, I often had an opportunity to see how far these sympathies extend. When faced with a dangerous behaviour of an Arab mass, when one said that one was German, this was already generally a free pass.”

Of course, this all happened before the 1967 war, before the “occupation” in 1967. What is the “occupation”?

The ‘Occupied Territories’ refers to land lost by Israel’s Arab neighbors after they inititiated and instigated a war against Israel. Israel gained territories in the Six-Day War of 1967. They include Judaea and Samaria (previously occupied by Jordan, and now known as the ‘West Bank’), the Golan Heights (previously occupied by Syria), and the Gaza Strip (previously occupied by Egypt).

Interestingly, while these territories were conquered by Jordan, Syria and Egypt in 1948 to the time they were gained by Israel, the territories were not refered to as ‘occupied’ by the international community. Furthermore, the people living in those territories before 1967 were not called ‘Palestinians’ as they are today; they were called Jordanians and Egyptians. How things change.Keyword(s): “occupied territories“; “occupation“; mythology

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