PA Religious Group Says Christian Zionists Worship Satan

Uh-oh, here we go. Quick everyone, get out your garlic and string it around your neck. The “palestinians” now claim that Christian Zionists worship “Satan as G-d”, according to an article on the Palestinian Media Watch website. Via INN:

The author of the article, Hamed Al-Tamimi, is a member of the Supreme [Islamic] Judicial Council. The Palestinian Media Watch notes that Al-Tamimi has held that position since before the election of Hamas as the new PA ruling party.

Al-Tamimi is the director of the Inter-Religion Dialogue Department, as indicated in the article byline published on PMW’s website.

He charges that the Christian Zionists, together with Jewish Zionists, “both agree on hatred of Islam and the Muslims and on [the goal] to destroy them”.

He goes on to slam the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, accusing the organization of “criminal activities against the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people”.

PA hatred of Christians is not new. The PMW noted in a previous article that “the Palestinian Authority religious leadership has been presenting its war against Israel’s existence as merely one part of its global Islamic war being fought against the Christian-Jewish West.

Wake up, Christians, you’re not exempt from jihad, which is the pernicious long-term goal of Muslims to murder “infidels” – a term that also includes the Christian West.

Keyword(s): global jihad; Muslim supremacy

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