Hezbollah, the darlings of the mainstream media

“‘If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” — Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, NY Times, May 23, 2004, p. 15, section 2, column 1.

Alan Dershowitz writes, via FrontPage, that certainly not since Hitler and his murderous social fascism has there been a tyrannical regime whose singular intention is to murder all the members of a particular racial, religious, ethnic or cultural group, regardless of where they live.

Yes, folks, this is Hezbollah, the darlings of the Mainstream Media, who themselves refuse to recognize Hezbollah’s goals as part of an axis of terror which also includes Syria, Iran and Hamas, to set the region in flames and dictate the Israeli-Palestinian agenda. Apparently, the MSM is too busy launching biased and deceptive propaganda campaigns against Israel to take much notice.

The fact that Israel was attacked after leaving every inch of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip proves once again that the reason for the Muslim War Against the Jews is not because of any territorial dispute but just because Israel exists.

The MSM tries to con world opinion into believing that the IslamoNazi enemy in Lebanon is not the same as the Muslim enemy killing Jews in Gaza. The MSM doesn’t want you to believe that the same IslamoNazi enemy in Lebanon is the same Muslim enemy that blew up London’s rail stations and the same Muslim enemy that blew up the World Trade Center and the same IslamoNazi enemy that slaughters the Christians in the Sudan.

So many people in high places believe that “Islamic fundamentalism” is a reaction to various factors. Yet before all those factors existed, jihad terror existed. But of course, the MSM will not confess this truth. Here is the truth:

The attack on Israel by Hezbollah was unprovoked and it was against Israel in its own sovereign territory. The attack was carried out by the Hezbollah, a terrorist organization which is an active party in Lebanon’s politics. The attack was carried out against Israelis citizens – civilians and soldiers – while on sovereign Israeli soil. Israel has the right to defend its citizens and take action to insure their safety and security. This is an act of war and Israel must continue to do what is necessary to ensure that Hezbollah does not have the capabilities to launch these types of attacks in the future.

See, folks, if Israel is responsible for Muslim wrath, please tell me what Israel did to encourage Syria to swallow Lebanon, to encourage Saddam Hussein to unleash a bloodbath against Iran, to encourage Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, to encourage Kuwait to expel hundreds of thousands of “palestinians”, to encourage the Taliban to destroy the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, to encourage the slaughter of Christians in the Sudan, to encourage the bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, to encourage church bombings in Pakistan, or to blow up 200 Indians on the railroad system in Bombay.

The MSM is better off if it would not pronounce any moral equivalency between Jews and Muslims. Jews were writing the books that shaped the civilized world while Muslims were still drinking camel urine (From the Hadith Volume 4, 4:261), robbing caravans of their loot and booty and pillaging villages and raping women.

We need to break this cycle of Jihad. I see no reason whatsoever that Muslims should continue to benefit from the excercise of their religion, while we Jews perish.

There once was a vibrant presence of nearly one million Jews residing in ten Arab countries. Our Middle Eastern Jewish culture existed long before the Arab world dominated and rewrote the history of the Middle East. Today, however, fewer than 12,000 Jews remain in these lands, expunged by Muslims.

What happened to us, the indigenous Jews of the Arab world? Why were 150,000 Iraqi Jews forced out of Iraq? Why were another 800,000 Jews from nine other Arab countries also compelled to leave after 1948?

In Libya in 1945 nearly 100 Jews were massacred. In 1948 the Jewish communities of Aden and Algeria were rocked by a series of massacres that left hundreds dead and many more injured. Anti-Jewish discriminatory laws were passed in other Arab countries. Within a decade the exodus of Jews from Arab countries was almost complete, with most going to Israel. All of this was conducted under the guise of law by Arab governments. This forced the flight of Jews out of lands where we had lived for thousands of years before the Arab-Islamic conquests.

Yet the MSM won’t mention these facts when reporting “timelines”. For Muslims, history begins anew every day. This is how Muslims justify provocation. As Victor David Hanson reminds us, “as long as the mythical Athenians were willing to send, every nine years, seven maidens and seven young men down to King Minos’s monster in the labyrinth, Athens was left alone by the Cretan fleet. Americans have been paying the same sort of human tribute to grotesque Islamofascists.” The American left are cowards, and do not want to disturb the Muslim enemy. The MSM believes, in exchange for not retaliating in any meaningful way against the Muslim killers, and as long as Jews are around to be the food for the Muslim monster, Arab state-sanctioned murderers will keep the number killed to reasonable levels. This way, Mike Wallace, Christiane Amanpour, Larry King, Juan Williams, Ron Kuby, and the other con artists can continue to enjoy their cocktail parties.

And we will continue to bury our dead.

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