The Balkan Front, The Wahhabis Are Up to No Good in Southern Europe

From The Balkan Front, The Wahhabis Are Up to No Good in Southern Europe:

A visitor to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia encounters unmistakable evidence that extremist intruders are opening a Balkan front in the global jihad. The ominous presence of Wahhabi missionaries, financiers, terror recruiters, and other mischief-makers bespeaks a fresh offensive in that tormented land. From the new Wahhabi seminary in the lovely Bosnian city of Zenica, to the cobblestone streets of Sarajevo’s old Ottoman center, to the Muslim-majority villages in southern Serbia, extremist Sunni men in their distinctive, untrimmed beards and short, Arab style breeches, accompanied by women in face veils and full body coverings, are again appearing, funded by reactionary Saudis and Pakistanis. In neighboring Montenegro and districts of southern Serbia, the Wahhabi presence is open and even violent. Wahhabis have disrupted religious services, yelling abuse at imams for not following their practices, and have precipitated gunfire between ordinary people as well as fatal confrontations with local police. Most recently, on April 20, a Wahhabi was killed in a clash with police in the southern Serbian town of Novi Pazar. In Bosnia, on April 27, a cache of automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades, bombs, ammunition, and related material was seized in the remote north western village of Upper Barska.

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