Ignoring the Gaza Chaos

From Ignoring the Gaza Chaos:

For several weeks now the Gaza Strip has been burning. This is not a matter of fighting between Hamas and Fatah activists or actions by the IDF, but battles between armed groups that for the most part are identified with large [Muslim] clans. Nearly every day for the past two weeks, men, women and children have been killed in Gaza. The number of armed men in the Gaza Strip, according to various estimates, is greater than 100,000. These men belong to security mechanisms, political organizations and above all to clans, and are trying to ensure the economic interests of their kinfolk. In recent weeks attacks on Western and Christian targets in the West Bank have also become common. Members of terror cells identified with Al-Qaeda-type organizations are blowing up and destroying institutions linked to Western culture such as the American School, a church library and dozens of Internet cafes. But the world is ignoring this. The media in Israel and the West, which reported on every person killed or wounded in the conflicts between Fatah and Hamas or because of “the Israeli occupation,” are not taking any interest in Gaza.

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