We’re going to hell in a handbasket

This is Britain and it is unprecedented. Is the US next? Via Right Truth:

Muslims want special national health services that would cater to Muslim special needs. What is really interesting about this article are the comments left by ordinary citizens.

The Sun has the story:

Prof Aziz Sheikh called for “faith-based health services”. He wants same-sex doctors, information to ensure treatments do not contain alcohol or pork, extra prayer rooms and circumcision for baby boys on the NHS. The professor, from Edinburgh University, said in the British Medical Journal: “Muslims have the poorest overall health profile but there are few faith-centred initiatives aiming to improve health outcomes for our largest minority faith community.

“Many Muslims, to maintain modesty, prefer to see a same-sex clinician but such choice is typically unavailable. Male infant circumcision should be available throughout the NHS and more access is needed to prayer facilities.”

But Prof Aneez Esmail, of Manchester University, said: “It’s not practical. Members of the same religion are not all the same and their needs may be different. Going down this path risks stereotyping.” (end article)

Comments (all spelling in context):

1. … maybe Prof Aziz should fund their own service or move to an Islamic country that has it as a norm. At the moment everything from School food, Work practices, clothing/uniforms, swimming pools and our way of life is expected to give way to them, what are they expected to do, NOTHING. not even learn English.

2. This is a complete joke , why bother coming to a New Country to start a new life if you take the view that that country should change its views, its culture and its Health Service to suit you. … **** off back to his home land where he can practice medecine in a throughly Islamic way to his hearts content.
I would not go to live in an Islamic country and start dictating to them about the way they run their country or its institutions,

3. … what a great idea, why don’t they have their own segregated areas too.
ooops, they already have all those things if they want them. Its called pakistan. **** off. so they get mosques, they get special times in gymes and swimming baths and now bloody muslim NHS. you give em an inch they want 100 miles.**** em, if they ain’t happy go live in an islamic country where most live in poverty.

4. Prof Aziz Sheikh is quite right to demand that Muslim patients should be treated by Muslim doctors and nurses, in an hospital conscious of their special religious and dietary needs. Fortunately for them in this democratic country they have the freedom to chose any hospital they want, including excellent medical facilities that specialise in Muslim needs in numerous Islamic countries around the world. I wish them a safe journey and speedy recovery.

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