When Palestinians Kill Palestinian Children

From When Palestinians Kill Palestinian Children: In recent Hamas-Fatah clashes, children have been deliberately killed. Last month, the three small children of Fatah General Intelligence officer Baha Balusha were murdered while traveling to school in their father’s car. Last week, Hamas attacked the home of a senior official in Fatah’s Preventive Security Service, Mohammed Gharib. The officer begged the assailants to spare him and his young daughters; however, they killed him and four of his bodyguards, and seriously wounded his daughters. A few months ago, the earth shook when Palestinian civilians were killed by the IDF’s misguided artillery fire on Beit Hanun. Tempers ran high in the UN, and some in Israel demanded that an international commission of inquiry be established. When Palestinians kill Palestinian children – and not by accident – no criticism is heard. Perhaps the professional critics consider such incidents too minor.

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