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Legless Jewish Chicks Preventing Hot Arab Chicks from Getting Any

The excellent Julia Gorin writes that in a standardly anti-Jewish Christian Science Monitor article titled “The Arabs on the Outside”, which details the hindered lives of some palestinians thanks to the security wall that Israel has built (and made adjustments to when the situation demands) has also created a mobility problem for Arabs living on the other side of it.

The article highlights the (sniff-sniff) poor Arab, Sherifa Shawara, who wants to get married. The second-year college student doesn’t lack for suitors. The problem is where she lives. Although Shawara lives within the Israeli-drawn boundaries of Jerusalem, she holds a West Bank ID and could be arrested if she’s caught inside the city but outside her village.

“I can’t move. I can’t go anywhere,” says Shawara, locking her arms across her chest and gazing bitterly into the distance. “Last week, the soldiers told me my name wasn’t on the list and I couldn’t go home. Recently, we went shopping and bought a lot, and the soldier wouldn’t even let us enter the village in a taxi, so we had to carry it all on foot.”

Ms. Gorin writes:

Poor Shawara. I’m sure Rivka (an Israeli everygirl composite) feels her pain. Because Rivka is having a hard time too. You see, Rivka falls out of her bed every morning as she tries to start her day, because she keeps forgetting that she’s missing her legs. “I can’t move. I can’t go anywhere,” Rivka might say. What’s more, apparently not too many guys are into amputee chicks, so Rivka can really identify with Shawara. Of course, Rivka has permission to move around, she just can’t.

So my question to Shawara is: would you like to trade places with Rivka? Or maybe you’d rather be Kinneret Boosany, sixty percent of whose body is burned (including most of her face), thanks to a suicide bomber she was serving coffee to?

Tell us, Monitor — who would you trade places with — Shawara or Kinneret?

Thought so.

But hey, what’s a few thousand more Jewish lives and limbs so that hot Arab chicks can get laid?

Right, Georgie?

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