UN Human Rights Council: Petition Against UN Incitement to Terrorism

More evidence of human rights frauds as of June 16, 2008: Petition Presented Against UN Incitement to Terrorism A UN report to the Human Rights Council by Special Rapporteur John Dugard disregards international legal standards against terrorism and excuses the killing of innocents. We call upon the United Nations to withdraw this discreditable report […]


Stop Supplying Gasoline to Hamas!

The residents of Sderot, represented by Attorney Nitsana Darshan- Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center (, have dispatched a series of letters to Israeli government, parliamentary, military and legal officials calling upon Israel to stop supplying petroleum to the Hamas-led Gaza Strip. The residents allege in their letters that Hamas siphons off more […]


No one cared enough

Our plea to the world to prevent Jean Ziegler—founder of the “Muammar Khaddafi Human Rights Prize”— from being elected to the UN Human Rights Council has been ignored because no one cares if a Jew lives or dies, especially the Muslim despots that have infected and infiltrated the United Nations over the last 60 years. […]

Arab-Israeli Conflict Israel

Legless Jewish Chicks Preventing Hot Arab Chicks from Getting Any

The excellent Julia Gorin writes that in a standardly anti-Jewish Christian Science Monitor article titled “The Arabs on the Outside”, which details the hindered lives of some palestinians thanks to the security wall that Israel has built (and made adjustments to when the situation demands) has also created a mobility problem for Arabs living on […]

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Responding to Hamas Attacks from Gaza – Issues of Proportionality

From Responding to Hamas Attacks from Gaza – Issues of Proportionality: Israel is forced to act in self-defense to protect itself from deliberate missile attacks on its civilians by Hamas terrorists. Although Hamas makes no effort to comply with international law, Israel is committed to limiting itself to a lawful response. This means that, while […]