Canada’s top court snubs Holocaust denier Zundel

From European Jewish Press:

An extreme-right wing extremist who was deportedfrom Canada to face trial in Germany for spreading racist propaganda over the Internet was denied an audience with Canada’s top justices Thursday. The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Ernst Zundel’s appeal that he was unlawfully detained and deported from Canada in 2005, after being ruled a threat to national security because of his links to white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups. Zundel, 67, had sought 10 million Canadian dollars (around 6,5 million euros) in damages. In February, a German court convicted Zundel on 14 counts of incitement of racial hatred, causing offence, and disturbing thepeace of the dead by publishing and distributing anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi materials. He was sentenced to five years in prison — the maximum sentence allowed under German law for denying the Holocaust.

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