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Egyptians Weigh Idea of Moat for Gaza Border

From Egyptians Weigh Idea of Moat for Gaza Border: Egypt has expressed newfound interest in allowing Israel to construct a moat along the Philadelphi Route separating Sinai from Gaza to combat Palestinian weapons smuggling, say senior Israeli defense officials. Last month, the head of the IDF Planning Branch, Maj.-Gen. Ido Nehushtan, traveled to Egypt for […]

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Taiwan’s Nazi Movement

I always thought it was hypocritical of the U S to endorse a sovereign “Palestinian” state — but shun Taiwan’s claim to independence. But if this new emergence of Nazism in Taiwan continues to contaminate itself from within, then the Taiwanese don’t deserve a state any more than the fake “Palestinians” do. From Der Spiegel: […]

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Freed Palestinian Terrorists Would Pose Immediate Threat

From Freed Palestinian Terrorists Would Pose Immediate Threat: If hundreds of terrorists are released in exchange for abducted IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit, they will pose an immediate threat to Israel, a high-ranking defense official said. Should the government accede to the demand, the official said, the IDF would need to modify the way it operates […]


Italian welcomes rejection of Nazi war criminal’s lawsuit

From JPost: Goni, an Argentine researcher and journalist said he feels “a strong sense of relief” after a three year battle in Italian courts ended with convicted Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke’s lawsuit against him being thrown out. Goni was referring to a Milan court’s March 23 decision to reject a claim by Priebke, who […]

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Canada’s top court snubs Holocaust denier Zundel

From European Jewish Press: An extreme-right wing extremist who was deportedfrom Canada to face trial in Germany for spreading racist propaganda over the Internet was denied an audience with Canada’s top justices Thursday. The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Ernst Zundel’s appeal that he was unlawfully detained and deported from Canada in 2005, after being […]