To my readers who live in New York City

Did you know that the Farouq Mosque in Brooklyn located at 554 Atlantic Avenue, has served as a hive for terrorist activities? It has raised millions for the jihad and has served as a recruiting station for al-Qaida. Many of the planners of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, including blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, were prominent members of this notorious “house of worship.”

So, what are you all going to do about it? Hopefully you’ll be re-electing Rep. Peter King who has been pro-active in his stance against Islamic terrorism, representing New York’s 3rd Congressional district, since 1993. Here are his public statements and voting records. And to the democrats who read this blog, let’s not kneejerk. King is a conservative Republican when it comes to most domestic issues, but ranks Bill Clinton as one of his closest political friends and did not vote to impeach Clinton. Not that any of that information would stop a muzbot from killing you, but I thought it would make you lefties feel a little better anyway.

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