Technorati Sucks

Folks, this is a copy of a letter I wrote to Technorati two weeks ago, and to which I received not a courtesy of a response. To read posts from other bloggers who are fed up with Technorati’s crappy new algorithm, see Technorati’s own forum thread here.

Hi Technorati folks,

I used to be in Technorati’s top 4,000 with a 385 Authority up until around three months ago. I am writing to complain that my Authority has now dropped to 101 and down more than 20,000 points in the past two days. Now I am 65,000 with an Authority of 101. I read your FAQs about your 180 day rule, and thoroughly disagree with it; in essence you are saying that if a link to a blog is older than 180 days, it is illegitimate and is to be impugned by a poorly conceived 180-day algorithm. So unlike fine wine or lyrically written books or divine classical music or riveting film noire, according to Technorati, blog posts that are older than 180 days are no longer timely, appropriate, legitimate, or worthy of one’s attention.

The fact that my site’s authority dropped 20,000 points in two days – especially two days after I posted two complaints about your 180 day rule on your Help Forum, leads me to believe that 1) something is certainly wrong with the code, or 2) you are punishing the outspoken.

It’s too bad whatever the cause. I will probably withdraw my claim to my blog. Why bother with Technorati now? I am one of your oldest, loyal supporters who helped you grow from a fledgling developers group to a full grown organization. Nice way to treat me. But like SiteMeter, who sold out to spy ware, and like Google, whose employees are turning into a fetid group of left-wing rats, so too is Technorati beginning to lose its luster.

You know what success feels like. Now, because of your revised algorithms, I know what it feels like to be a failure.

I hope you will reply to this email shortly.

Thank you,
Smooth Stone

Well, folks, Technorati never answered my email, and their smug little Admins insert pithy little quotes from their FAQs in their forum threads, as if repeating their ill-conceived little “180-day rule” mantras will undo their idiotic and punitive new management’s decisions.

Up yours, Technorati. I may not be famous but I sure as hell do deserve better customer service than what you have provided. Screw you.

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