Sharon has a mild stroke and the perverted celebrate his illness

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem after suffering a mild stroke on Sunday evening.

The hospital official noted that the prime minister did not require any invasive procedures. He was sent to the internal medicine department and although he was to remain in Hadassah overnight, he was expected to be released in the morning.

And the palestinians are celebrating – prematurely – but they are celebrating. It is indeed a curious thing how palestinians love death. They dance on rooftops in praise of Iraqi Scud missiles raining on Israeli neighborhoods and when a palestinian bomber mutilates and kills Jews, the bombers are revered, their pictures hung in town squares and soccer teams are named for them while PA television plays their farewell videos over and over again. The deaths of over 3,000 Americans on 9/11 was cause for dancing in palestinian neighborhoods. They seem to love the sight of disfigurement, the stench of decomposition, the cruel odor of bloody chunks of flesh and sinew because it reminds them of themselves – their black, murky, unholiness.

The joyful response of so many of them to the death, suffering, and mutilation of Jews, Israelis and as we all saw on 9/11 raises questions about the health of palestinian society. In fact, every one of the 21 Arab Muslim thug-ocracys, theocracies and dictatorships should be under the microscope in order to discover why Islamic society never evolved. It is only death that they can relate to. Their terrorist acts and their gruesome results are celebrated as inspiration for the next generation.

When we are born our birthday is chosen by G-d. It is the day that one’s soul and it’s mission begins. I thank G-d I was never born a muslim.

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