Stephen Spielberg’s “Munich”

Folks, until I had read Ben-David’s letter, (former Jerusalem Post managing editor and is currently the director of The Israel Project’s Jerusalem Media Resource Center), I was under the impression that Spielberg was doing a reprise of the actual Munich massacre, including the preparation and funding by current PLO leader Mahmoud (“Abu Mazen“) Abbas, the ridiculous posture of the German police in response to the massacre, and the useless various European governments.

Vengeance by the victims should not be the main lesson to be taken away from the Munich Massacre.

I’m prepared to be offended by this movie, although I haven’t seen it yet – in fact, I’m sure I won’t see it. It seems destined to represent the perverse world of the Left that makes moral equivalence between the acts of terrorists and retaliation on behalf of the victims.

Even so, the tragedy of Golda Meir’s moral plaint about Palestinian terrorism ( “It’s bad enough that you kill our sons; it’s worse that you force us to kill yours.”) was portrayed in the Sword of Gideon, 1986, which was, surprisingly, based on the same book used by Spielberg and his anti-Zionist and homosexual screenwriter, Tony Kushner, the twisted creature to whom Steven Spielberg has entrusted the script of a movie that will affect the public perception of Israel — in the U.S. and around the world — for years to come.

Why did this remake have to be done? Moral equivalence ( or worse ) is my guess and clearly Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner are two more shameful embarassments to Judaism.

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