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Is this the kind of president you want to lead the US during wartime?

“Oh, pretty please Muslim fascists, please don’t blow us up or kill us or infiltrate our western society with your backwardness and tribalism. Oh please, Muslim fascists, I promise I will act more like a woman and walk three feet behind my husband when I can, and I promise, I will set aside one day a year to ask all women regardless of their faiths to wear a burka so that we can all improve our open-mindedness and diversity as a nation. I promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure that female genital mutilation is covered in my universal health care program, and most of all I promise with all my heart, I will help you destroy the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel by dividing the Jewish Holy City of Jerusalem in order to establish a neo-theocratic terror-state at her borders, because my husband, Bill Clinton, former president of the United States loved Islam so much, and I intend to follow in his, um, righteous footsteps, but three feet behind them, of course. Sniff. Sniff.”

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