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Giving Terrorist Propaganda Outlets Prime Seating for the State of the Union

Tonite, when you watch the State of the Union, notice seat #11. It’s reserved for al-jazeera. And when you vote in November, remember how the Democrats betrayed you – and the 3,000 men and women who died on September 11, 2001 – by pandering to Muslims and their news media, famous for characterizing our troops as bloodthirsty maniacs. From Red State:

How would you like to get the terrorists’ perspective on tonight’s State of the Union address?

Want Osama’s direct rebuttal? No, he won’t actually be giving the Democrats’ response to the State of the Union, but the Democrats have given his propaganda arm a prime seat for tonight’s State of the Union.

Check out the picture [above]. As you’ll see, Al-Jazeera gets not just any place, but their spot is just three to four steps away from the House Democratic Whip’s Office.

No doubt they are going to have to coordinate on the appropriate spin of tonight’s State of the Union message.

And how will American troops, who have been portrayed as blood thirsty monsters by Al-Jazeera, and who have seen the Arab world incited against them by Al-Jazeera, feel about the Democrats giving Al-Jazeera a media spot directly outside the Democratic Whip’s office?

For more on al-jazeera and the state of the union address, see this 2004 article by Walid Phares.

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