Declare War on Economic Jihad

From Declare War on Economic Jihad:

They call it Economic Jihad and it has to be stopped. It all costs money – from the magazines, pamphlets, and websites used to spread the hatred, to the purchase of the explosives, cars, and train tickets used by the bombers. The money provides the salaries of the radical Muslim clerics preaching hatred. The money also sends young men to Afghanistan and Lebanon to train in terrorist techniques, and then on to Iraq where they join attacks against U.S. and British troops. Those who do not want to fight write the checks, funneled through bogus charitable groups which – under the guise of helping the poor and funding education – are actually financing terrorism. There are a range of bogus charities with links to terrorist groups still operating in Britain. Interpal has been banned in the U.S., Australia, and Canada as a front for funding the Hamas terror group, but it continues to operate in the UK. A Palestinian General Intelligence report in the late 1990s entitled “Who Finances Hamas?” estimated that the organization’s annual income was $60-$70m, of which $12m came from Britain. Another foreign terrorist group to benefit from British charitable funds is Hizballah, supported in Britain by the Lebanese Welfare Committee, the Help Foundation, and the Jamiyat al-Abrar (Association of the Righteous).

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