Asking the Scapegoat to Take One for the Team

From Asking the Scapegoat to Take One for the Team:

Born of the ashes of Hitler’s World War II, the UN has now returned to scapegoating the Jewish state. On Friday at the UN General Assembly, Israeli ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman was talking about his country’s attempts to deal with the ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza, which resulted in a horrific error that killed 19 innocent Palestinian Arabs in Beit Hanoun. “If France was shelled from across the border, what would the French do?” Gillerman asked. “Would the French government send flowers to their attackers?”

As Gillerman was speaking, a UN cameraman with a keen sense of irony aimed the house camera at the Palestinian Arab seat, where French Ambassador Jean-Marc de la Sabliere was seen talking intently to the Palestinian UN observer, Riad Mansour. De la Sabliere’s back was turned to the dais where Gillerman was speaking.

The General Assembly emergency session, a holdover from the Cold War era, was revived in 1997 by Palestinian envoy to the UN Nasser al-Kidwa, and has been used ever since to bash Israel and bypass American vetoes of one-sided Security Council resolutions. No similar instrument exists to bypass the inevitable Chinese or Russian vetoes on council resolutions dealing with Burma, North Korea, Chechnya, or Sudan.

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