The unevolved palestinians lob rockets near a kibbutz kindergarten

Folks, a Hannukah party attended by kindergarten children and their parents in Kibbutz Sa’ad was disrupted Monday by an exploding Kassam rocket nearby lobbed by palestinians. Another rocket landed Monday south of Ashkelon.

Kindergarten children, folks, innocent kindergarten children who deserve to know what living a long life means. Palestinians believe that their holy book has authorized them to kill Jews, and because palestinians are fed propaganda in schools from kindergarten age and higher, that the Jew is the enemy, explains why palestinians excel at murdering Jews.

Recently, the World Court condemned Israel for building a protective wall around itself as a violation of international law. But the same court neither condemns nor even bothers to mention the reason for this wall: the continuing calculated murder of Jews by palestinians. The court upheld that the practice of murdering Jews – even a Jewish toddler on his way to kindergarten – is not a violation of international law. This is why what Cynthia Ozick wrote about the unevolved palestinian in Where Hatred Trumps Bread is absolutely true:

But the most ingeniously barbarous Palestinian societal invention, surpassing any other in imaginative novelty, is the recruiting of children to blow themselves up with the aim of destroying as many Jews as possible in the most crowded sites accessible. These are not so much acts of anti-history as they are, remarkably, instances of anti-instinct. The drive to live is inherent: The very mite crawling on this sheet as I write hastens to flee the point of my pen. The child who has been taught to die and to kill from kindergarten on, via song and slogan in praise of bloodletting, represents an inconceivable cultural ideal.

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