Sweden is dying

More on Sweden and its love for Islamofascists. From Hamas Minister Gets Swedish Visa:

Hamas minister Atef Adwan will attend a Palestinian conference in Malmo on Saturday after the Swedish consulate general in Jerusalem granted him a visa, Svenska Dagbladet has reported. But Swedish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Fredrik Floren insisted that Sweden was “full-square behind” demands by the Quartet that the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority renounce violence, acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and respect existing agreements.

See also Swedish PM Says Hamas Lawmaker Not Welcome:

Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson ruled out on Wednesday a visit by Hamas politician Salah al-Bardaweel, saying Sweden would not give him a visa because the EU brands the Islamic group terrorists. Persson said his country, which belongs to the 15-country European Schengen group where travelers can move without a passport, said Bardaweel was not welcome in Sweden. Sweden’s foreign minister has earlier said that Hamas members were free to visit privately but would not meet government officials.

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