The status of Gaza right now

The sand dunes just north of the Gaza Strip have been leveled and workers are pouring cement and installing poles for a new electronic fence as part of preparations for the day after Israel’s August 17 deportation of their Jewish citizens.

The barrier around the Gaza Strip will be wholly within Israeli sovereign territory, following the map that Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and the depraved psychopath Egyptian-not-palestinian Arafat signed more than a decade ago.

Palestinian barbarians might launch ranged from cross-boundary shooting and incursions to kidnappings and attacks on strategic Israeli targets near Gaza.

IDF officers know full well that the intifada is not over. The thieves will be engorged with a sense of victory of having “forced” the Israelis out and there is no certainty that hostilities would stop.

At the moment Israel can try and stop palestinians long before they reach the fence. However, once Israel formally leaves Gaza it cannot order the murderers to keep away.

Anyone who wanted to penetrate may go right up to the boundary line and would need less time to cross. The new barriers Israel is building are designed, mainly, to delay infiltrators and prevent roadside bombs from hitting patrols.

All this will not stop the rockets and mortar bombs that palestinian barbarians have been sending over the fence. According to the army spokesman last month the palestinian murderers fired 166 mortar bombs and 40 Kassam rockets into Israel.

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