President Katsav invited for state visit with Pope

Here’s a first – President Moshe Katsav will be a guest of the Vatican in the middle of next month. The official visit will mark a first by an Israeli president to the Vatican. Katsav and Pope Benedict XVI will discuss ways of expanding cooperation on state affairs between the Vatican and Israel and deepening the dialogue between Judaism and Catholicism. Katsav will also ask the Pope to step up the Vatican’s actions against anti-Semitism throughout the world and to allow Israeli researchers access to documents in the Vatican’s archives. Here’s an article I wrote some months ago about the Temple artifacts contained in the Vatican’s archives. Now is the time for the Vatican to relinquish and return to us what was looted by the Romans.

Recently, Israel and the Vatican have ironed out the controversy stemming from the Pope’s failure to mention Israel in the list of states that suffer from terror. The controversy ended when Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican’s secretary of state – the equivalent to the prime minister – announced that an “error” had caused it.

A grave error, indeed.

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