Palestinian terrorists tried to blow up an 11 year old palestinian boy.

Palestinian terrorists were prepared to blow up an 11-year-old Palestinian boy after he was stopped by Israeli soldiers at a road block in the West Bank.

Palestinian boy used by terrorists to smuggle bomb (Israel Channel One TV)

Members of the Tanzim of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement tried to use the boy, Abdallah Quran, to smuggle a bomb through the roadblock, the Jerusalem Post reported.

When soldiers stopped him, they tried to detonate it with a cell phone.

Israeli secret service agents had alerted troops in the area of plans by a bomber to leave Nablus, the paper said.

The boy, who lives in a refugee camp east of Nablus, was promised a large sum of money if he would take the bomb, stuffed with bolts, in a bag through the roadblock and hand it to a woman waiting on the other side.

The bomb was about 15 to 22 pounds.

Lt. Col. Guy, a Paratroop Brigade battalion commander, told the Jerusalem Post a solider noticed the boy was uneasy and, when questioned, said the bag did not belong to him.

“She immediately alerted officers, and with the other soldiers, distanced everyone from the area,” Guy said. “When the boy’s dispatchers saw he was being detained, they dialed the cell phone inside the bag meant to detonate the bomb in an attempt, but it failed top go off.”

Guy said the boy would be freed after questioning.

“We’re not going to do anything with a boy like that, an innocent kid trying to earn his daily bread,” he told the Jerusalem paper. “Someone apparently promised him money for getting the bomb across.”

Guy said terrorist groups commonly use children or women as couriers for arms and explosives.

“We have caught a 39-year-old mother of seven … with an explosive belt under her clothes,” he said.

Officials say 29 suicide bombers younger than 18 have been dispatched by terrorists since the current Intifada began.

Since 2001, more than 40 other minors who were involved in planning suicide bombings have been arrested by security forces, according to the Post. Minors have carried out 22 shootings and bombings during that time.

Palestinian terrorists tried to blow up an 11 year old palestinian boy

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