Olympic Hatred of Israel

Get a load of this: The official Olympic website lists Israel 1) as being part of Europe and 2) without a capital city!!

You can see the evolution of this bullshit here at MidEastTruth :: View topic – ATHENS 2004: Israel doesn’t have a capital city.

Of course, the Olympic Committe shows “Palestine” as part of Asia.

There are TWO issues of racist politics here that the Olympic Committee needs to be confronted on: 1) that they publish that there is no capital of the Jewish collective, and 2) that they are playing geographical bullshit by listing Israel as part of Europe just to put forth the LIE that Israel is a foreign transplant from Europe.

Once again, the world has decided that they get to dictate to us Jews what we are and where we really belong without bothering to consult us. Since when are the 400,000 Iraqi Jews in Israel from Poland? So now Iraqi Jews are denied their patrimony in Iraq and in Israel by non-Jews? Screw that.

At the same time that Iraq has said that all Iraqis are welcome home except for Jews, they also are now told that they are really Europeans. An ancient community totally expunged. The Olympic committee is committing cultural genocide against Jews and our history.

You think the world will ever evolve to the point where they don’t think that they get to dictate to us Jews where we belong and what our birthright is?

The Olympic Comittee is participating in cultural genocide against the Jews!!

Folks, start writing to the Olympic Committee and protest your outrage.

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