Gore: Bush faith akin to fundamentalist Islam

Folks, after I recovered my jaw from dropping upon reading the following villification of President Bush by Al Gore, I realized how great a story this will turn out to be – it will be great for Bush, that is, because now every fundamentalist Christian will go to the polls and vote for Bush. Al Gore just pissed off half this country. If anything, Bush is a moderate when it comes to Christianity. And if anything, Al Gore just galvanized the country to vote FOR Bush, and not Kerry.

This story also goes to show how damned lucky we are that Al Gore, that sorry sore loser, never got into the White House.

If Bush’s faith is akin to fundamentalist Islam, then Al Gore is akin to Howard Dean a raging psychopath.

Folks, you are witnessing great depravity amongst Democrats and Liberals – terrifically frightening depravity.

Gore: Bush faith akin to fundamentalist Islam

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