Zola Levitt’s Status

An update on Zola Levitt, a fierce pro-Israel Christian, sadly, via Levitt.com:

On Thursday, March 30, Zola was evaluated to see how he did with the radiation and chemotherapy. I’m afraid the results were not too good. The treatments did greatly help the cancer in the lungs and brain but his liver has deteriorated, so I don’t think they’re really concerned with the other things anymore. The prognosis is now set at six to eight weeks.

Zola has access to supplemental oxygen if he were to need it, but it doesn’t seem to help right now. He also has a patch to deliver pain medicine and that has helped a great deal. He’s not in pain, exactly, but he doesn’t feel good and is tired a lot. The patch has helped with that. He has spoken with hospice workers about care that may be necessary down the road. He is now using a walker around the house to keep him steady. So everything necessary is being done…

Words can not convey how heartbroken I am nor much I admire and respect Zola Levitt for his pro-Israel advocacy. Zola’s personal message – to risk rejection and ridicule – has always been Smooth Stone’s driving force. I hope that G-d will give me the strength and ability to continue my message of pro-Israel advocacy, the same way that He did for Zola Levitt. I will never forget when Zola made two calls to my home to speak with me personally. Zola Levitt, my heart is broken over your failing health; it is like losing a member of my own family. You have been and will always be in my heart. May HaShem deliver to you a speedy and complete recovery. Amen.

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