Zola Levitt

Folks, Zola Levitt Ministries is a Christian ministry run by a terrific guy named Zola Levitt, who was born Jewish but who has since become a Christian. Ignoring that fact for now, I must emphasize to you how pro-Israel Zola Levitt is. His show appears every Monday morning on TBN, every Sunday evening on FAM, and every Wednesday morning on PAX. Thirty minutes of Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity. Here’s his schedule:

TBN: Monday — 8:00 AM Eastern Time, 7:00 AM Central Time, 6:00 AM Mountain Time, 5:00 AM Pacific Time

FAM: Sunday evenings — 1:00 AM both coasts, Midnight Central Time, 11:00 PM or 2:00 AM Mountain Time

PAX: Thursday mornings — 9:30 AM both coasts, 8:30 AM Mountain and Central Time

INSP: Wednesday — 6:30 AM & 8:30 PM Eastern Time, 5:30 AM & 7:30 PM Central Time, 4:30 AM & 6:30 PM Mountain Time, 3:30 AM & 5:30 PM Pacific Time

If you miss one of his episodes, you can watch it on your computer over the internet.

I’m telling you, folks, Zola Levitt’s show is one of the most important educational shows about Israel on television. Zola Levitt is usually stateside but every few weeks he reports from Israel. Typically his guests who enthusiatically appear on his weekly show are fundamental to understanding the Israel-arab conflict; recently he had Dr. Ergun Caner and Walid Shoebat appear. Check out my sidebar for a video of an interview with Dr. Ergun Caner, a Muslim who has converted to Christianity.

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