You’re gonna tell me rocks don’t kill?

You’re gonna tell me that when palestinians throw rocks at Jews, they don’t kill? Bullshit. You tell that to Reginald Denny, a white man that had his brains bashed in and now has permanent brain damage from a rock smashed into his head by a black mob during the Rodney King riots. Tell him that rocks don’t hurt anyone.Let me throw a rock at your head and then tell me I won’t be prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon. An Israel Defense Forces soldier lost an eye after being hit by a stone during a demonstration by hundreds of palestinians against the separation fence on Friday in the West Bank village of Bil’in, near Ramallah. Palestinians, pawns in a regional push to eliminate Jews in the Middle East, have instigated a war against the civilian population of Israel. Over the past decades the PLO – the world’s leading terrorist organization – goal remains the same: the destruction of Israel. Journalists have long overlooked the historical details of this conflict. The widow struggling to cross an Israel checkpoint, the boy throwing “harmless rocks” at an occupying Israeli tank, the story of a disenfranchised people is dramatic. It sells. Instead of factual reporting, the mainstream media has placed culpability on both parties, creating a perception of equal aggression, of a ‘cycle’ of violence. That’s bullshit.The fact is, folks, Jews have had a continued presence in Israel for 3,000 years and have never relinquished their claim. Arabs rejected the United Nations resolution of November 29, 1947 calling for the establishment of two states in Palestine, with an all out war to eliminate Jews enacted by the Arab world. After the 1967 War — another war of Arab aggression — Israel recovered a small remnant (13% in whole) of what was promised to them by the UN — eventually handing back the Sinai Desert for peace with Egypt in 1977.Islam is finally sitting up and noticing how backward and behind the times they are and, being human, their response is to find someone to blame. So they blame the Jews for Islam’s failings.Muslims are killingly envious and will try to bring down what they cannot compete with. Open your eyes, folks. At least you have two eyes. That IDF soldier now only has one.

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