You still have two more days to change your mind and vote for George Bush

For those who accuse George Bush for “failing” to get Osama bin Laden, let me remind you that it took five years to get Adolph Hitler. That’s right, we didn’t get Hitler until the very end, either. And here’s another fact; we THINK we got Hitler’s body but we can’t be sure; see, we didn’t have DNA back then. We think we got it, he did commit suicide by shooting a hole out of his skull, and we burned the body and buried it, but we weren’t sure it was him, but we guessed it was him. Do you see where I am going with this, folks? Even though we weren’t sure it was Hitler and the fact that it took five years to get him, well, according to Liberals, Democrats and other’s who subscribe to faulty logic, I guess we were a failure back then too even though we won World War II.

Think, people! Think!

Here’s something else for the naysayers who want to vote for Anyone But Bush. We could take out bin Laden now. Do you know how? We can drop a nuke on his head. But, do you want that? Honestly, do you want the US to do that? Do you want to send 50,000 American infantrymen into the hills of Pakistan and Afghanistan the way the Soviets did in Afghanistan when thousands of Soviets died? Do you know how many troops Russia sent along with the British? This is the worst terrain in the world, folks! You’ve seen video of it! Massive armies back then weren’t able to do what we have done in three or four weeks!

Folks, they just had elections there! They just had elections!! They’ve been killing each other there for thousands of years, they didn’t even know what elections are!

So, think about voting for George Bush. Stop being puppets. Start recognizing that what Osama Bin Laden said on his tape on Friday were actual quotes from Michael Moore! Bin Laden accused Bush of letting 50,000 Americans suffer in the towers while he sat in a children’s schoolroom while two planes hit the towers. Osama Bin Laden must be taking his cues from Michael Moore. This is what happens when people go beyond the pale. Michael Moore and his attacks on our president help the enemy! They – the enemy – are speaking YOUR words back to us!

So I ask you, folks, will you be on the Michael Moore/bin Laden/John Kerry ticket or will you be on the Bush/Cheney/On The March For Freedom ticket?

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