‘You have been warned’

Folks, it is a Christian who is warning our people to not divide Jerusalem. Our rabbis and supposedly Jewish leaders are silent. This is indeed a Chilul Hashem.

Written by Stan Goodenough:

A long-standing leader in the international Christian Zionist movement Thursday sent a strongly-worded warning to the brand new Israeli government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, a Dutch Christian and 40-year resident of Israel, who in 1981 founded the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and today directs the International Christian Zionist Center, said the ‘convergence’ plan will “explode in [the] faces – of Olmert, and those who have chosen, often out of personal ambition, to sit with you in your government.”

Israel’s leadership had “been warned by many – by military experts, by political strategists, by deeply, deeply concerned leaders, both Jews and Christians – not to allow a Palestinian (Muslim) state to be created between Israel and the Jordan; not to divide this land.”

Van der Hoeven said that “G-d Himself has warned you repeatedly not to do this evil to your people and nation. He has even warned that He will severely judge the nations who advocate such a path.”

Nonetheless, many of Israel’s leaders had “chosen to harden [their] hearts and [their] foreheads, thinking [they] know better, better than all these experts, even better than G-d Himself, what is ultimately the best for Israel.” The rationale given by Olmert, who in his speech to the Knesset earlier Thursday reiterated the ‘need’ to withdraw from 95 percent of Israel’s biblical lands in order to ensure that Israel remain a state with a Jewish majority, was, Van der Hoeven said, “a baseless argument’” that would be “to no avail.” Pouring withering scorn on the whole Jewish majority issue, the Dutch pastor said if Israel had not aborted two million Jewish babies in the years since its independence, and if previous leftist government policies had not discouraged Jewish immigration and encouraged Jewish emigration, there would be no demographic threat to worry about.

“Go ahead,” he continued angrily. “Give in to the pressures of a world which will in any case not fight for your survival.”

Van der Hoeven also slammed the expected willingness of the new government to allow a major international homosexual event to take place in Jerusalem later this year.

“Follow their goyish ways. Be afraid to say no and let them parade their lustful pleasures when, by the tens of thousands, they come here to your destined holy city this summer, parading in your Jewish capital their filth-ridden abominations, all with the permission of an Olmert-led government which now includes SHAS [the ultra-orthodox
party], the great upholders of G-ds sanctity!!”

“Do it all – and see what the Divine answer will be. When it comes, and it will surely come, it will not be peace so that, as you said, Mr. Olmert, Israel will be a place that will be FUN to live in.”

It would be the opposite, Van der Hoeven said, unless Israel turned back now.

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