Yonatan Einhorn, the dead soldier (2 others today)

Last week he was not injured in the battle at Binj Bell while 8 of his comrades were killed. Thhe shrapnel hit his pocket and due to his cellphone in that pocket, he was not injured. Yonatan Einhorn, 22, of Moshav Gamza, was a top student at yeshiva Shaalavim and was the first born.

During last week’s battle, his glasses broke. On Sunday his unit met with their families in Haifa on a day off from Lebanon. His parents, David and Roital brought Yonatan a new pair of glasses, 48 hours ago. David, the father, was called to his reserve unit yesterday. Father and son were both in the IDF at the same time.

Today, Yonatan Einhorn, was killed in southern Lebanon by an Hizbollah anti tank shell.

Yonatan is survived by his parents and four siblings.

Yonatan will be buried on Erev Tisha Baav, only three days after seeing his family for the last time and getting his glasses, surviving last week’s IDF /Hizbollah battle.

Hashem Yikam Damam

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