Yes, I Am the Author of “To Hell With Arab Outrage”

Well, folks, I generally don’t get too bothered when references to Smooth Stone aren’t cited, but some circumstances have changed, and I believe it’s appropriate to get recognized for a post I wrote that is now circling the globe.

Yes, I wrote “To Hell With Arab Outrage” back on May 3, 2004 and you can see it here.

Folks, the truth is it doesn’t matter that I wrote it; what really matters is that the message is getting out, and people are responding passionately to the message and it’s important to acknowledge that the message has resonated with lots and lots of like-minded folks.

But some sites are now copyrighting my post and that is bothersome. So, if any of you should get a chance and happenstance a visit to Free Republic, or Middle East Information Center, or Strange Cosmos, or Mich News or any of the two or three dozen forum boards where my post is being reprinted, please just briefly let them know that Smooth Stone is the author of the article. Hey, my site is worth a visit, ain’t it? 😉

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