Yasir Arafat Shuffles off His Mortal Coil

From the excellent Daniel Pipes:


I have frequently written over the decades about Yasir Arafat and the Palestinians; now, at the moment of his demise, I offer a few titles that might prove useful should anyone want to assess his career.

I have reviewed several biographies about him. See my scathing evaluation of Alan Hart‘s hagiography, then my comments on Janet Wallach and John Wallach‘s overly-impressed bio, on Andrew Gowers and Tony Walker‘s serious effort, Danny Rubinstein‘s thoughtful interpretation, and on Saïd K. Aburish‘s wacky study.More broadly, in 1988, I already wrote about the “Dim prospects for Palestinian state.” For an insight into how the Palestinian movement echoes the Zionist one, see “Mirror Image: How the PLO Mimics Zionism.” For a first-hand contrast between Arafat and the-then Israeli prime minister, see “Arafat and Netanyahu.”Bringing things up to date, “Arafat’s Suicide Factory” provides an insight into the chairman’s methods and “Anti-Israel Terror Backfires” shows how Arafat’s adoption of the terrorist tool has failed to achieve the intended results. For what those foul results actually are, see “Palestinian Descent into Chaos.” (www.danielpipes.org, November 4, 2004)

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