WSIA 88.9 fm Special Shlomo Carlebach Music Program

I don’t know if this will repeat but Rabbi Eliezer and the Rockin’ Rebbetzin, Michele Garner hosted a 4 hour marathon of Shlomo Carlebach music on their respective radio programs Kabballah Airwaves and the Kol Isha Show, on Sunday, November 12th, 2006 from 9:00 AM thru 1:00 PM EST on WSIA 88.9 FM. The marathon included early Carlebach music sung by the Rabbi himself as well as contemporary Carlebach compositions by various artists.

According to WSIA’s website, the Kol Isha Show, which plays Jewish music, is played every Sunday morning from 11AM-1PM EST. Check it out!

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