A worthwhile point of view to ponder

An interesting thought on the timing of the uproar over the September-old “oh-my-gosh-they-insulted-moe” cartoons, from two associates of mine:

Associate One writes: I am wondering if this extremist circus is not a concerted effort (by Iran, Syria, Hamas) to deflect attention from the:

1. Seriousness of Iran’s nuclear efforts
2. On-going investigation of Assad involvement in Hariri’s murder
3. Hamas dangerous’ victory Is the Western world going to be manipulated once again, apologize and pay?

Associate Two responds: The Muslim world is a pool of gasoline, ready to be ignited by any match thrown into it. These cartoons appeared months ago in a fairly obscure Danish journal. It was only after a MUSLIM sent them around that the world-wide jihadists reacted. The timing is as suspicious as Dan Rather’s airing of the lies about Bush or the NYTimes airing of the warrantless telephone intercepts: all these were ready many months before but were aired at a time either randomly or malevolently chosen.

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